Standards Based Digital Critical Thinking Post #2

I was definitely aware of the idea of presentations and that it doesn’t need to be over the top to be effective. Even comic Dan McMillan showing the many failures of PowerPoint (How Not to Use PowerPoint). My Father is a quality director for a technology company and describes the mistakes people make when doing a presentation, and most because its just too much information and poorly presented. PowerPoint with its endless options to create a crazy presentation, doesn’t help people hold back.

It’s important with students to have an effective presentation especially using technology. When over the top effects distract rather than engage is when you want to hold back. It’s not a terrible idea to use sound effects or bright colors to get attention and create a connection for students to the information. I have experienced some very brightly colored presentations and it totally works for me, I am a visual learner, but that is not every student.

With my own presentations, I have been at fault and put all the information on the screen and read it off blandly, I’m not a memorizer. I have also done the over the top effects that are unnecessary. I have grown in PowerPoint maturity, and figured out that only main points are needed and supplemental details should be spoken to create a connection and time where students can just listen.


One thought on “Standards Based Digital Critical Thinking Post #2

  1. I really appreciate your honesty about your own past mistakes with past presentations. It really makes me, and probably other readers, feel much more connected to what you are writing. Also, great point about all of the visual effects and possibilities with using PowerPoints. Cool effects and bright colored presentations are really cool and very engaging, but can be very distracting to students, and I think it is really great that you make a point to talk about that.


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