Super Digital Citizen

Mr. Pane a fifth grade teacher from Nebraska, created an amazing lesson for his students, to teach digital citizenship. He grabs his students attention by giving them an idea to think the quote ” with great power, comes great responsibility”, he then ties that idea to the internet and has the students discuss among themselves, what that means to them. I thought it was a great way to start the thought process before introducing the topic of the day, what it takes to be a good digital citizenship.

The next part of the activity I really enjoyed to see was that each student could create their own super digital citizen hero online. Then the students had to create a comic in which their superhero saves the day, and teaches a lesson on responsibility, safety, or respect online. Some of the heroes saved students from putting in personal information on online gimmicks, others from gossiping online. This activity is a great way to prepare students to deal with all online has to offer and not all of it is good.

The students then did a gallery walk, where they would get up, move to another laptop and actually read the other students work. This is a great part of the lesson because not every student had the same issue, which means, that every time they read someone else’s the got to see a different scenario of being online. This would be a great tool to incorporate into my own classroom, especially for writing, that can help students see different perspectives, and gain more perspectives than just their own.

Here is the Teaching Channel video, Teaching Digital Citizenship


One thought on “Super Digital Citizen

  1. Great post! I really agree with you on the benefits that all of the students gained during this lesson, and on how informative the lesson in itself was. Mr. Pane is a great teacher, and definitely is a great digital citizen! Your post felt a lot like a summary to me, but you hit all of the questions and really promoted the video well. Good job!


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