Multimedia in the Classroom

In the educational world we have today, is slowly incorporating technology, but what is really needed is the presents most used tech to evolve the classroom. Technology like, podcasts, videos, and screen casting , have a large future inn the education system. An upside to these modes of technology is that they are relatively inexpensive for most school budgets.

Podcasts have such a wide array of uses for the classroom, for b0th students and teachers. For students podcasts can be a tool for learning how write and deliver speeches without the fear of speaking in front of the class. this would be most helpful for students who are very shy in nature but still be able to participate. As for other students, each student would write out a script and build it like a speech get teacher approval then practice speaking then record. Another use for podcasts with students would be to create an online podcast show in which all students can participate in. The podcast could be built much like a morning show, like talk about the science of weather, this weeks homework, this time in history. something all students could participate in, writing, speaking, editing. Teachers can use podcasts to teach in less of a classroom setting, something students can go home have access to and listen to a history lesson and take notes as they listen.

Videos are a great source of multimedia for any subject especially, history , Spanish, English, and science. Students would be able to create a video and present to the class. for history students it could be a modern interpretation of an historical event. For Spanish language students it could be a fashion show using proper vocabulary. videos are great for every kind of student, the one who  want to act, the ones who want to write, students who want to direct and students that want to edit their video.

Screen casting is a great tool especially for math, where a teacher can create a video of what on their computer screen and record how to do a type of math problem while drawing it on the computer screen. this is a great tool for students to have access to, especially for math since screen casting can be used as a homework tool in case students are in need of help.


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